Bulletin scope: The Bulletin publishes contributions of international interest in all fields of geological sciences on results of new work on material from Denmark, the Faroes and Greenland. Contributions based on other material may also be submitted to the Bulletin if the subject is of relevance for the geology of the area of primary interest.

Organisation: The Bulletin is an Open Access journal published online only. It is managed by a chief editor with assistance of a co-editor and a board of scientific editors who handle manuscripts in which they have special expertise. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by at least two independent scientists. The chief editor acts on the recommendations from the scientific editors; the final decisions rest with the chief editor. Scientific editing and reviewing are done on an unpaid collegial basis; technical production expenses are covered by the Geological Society membership fees. There are no charges. All articles are published as pdf-files immediately after acceptance and technical production. The articles issued during one year constitute one volume, except for special (thematic) volumes.

Archiving: Articles (searchable pdf files) are archived at the home page of the Geological Society of Denmark and at the Royal Library of Denmark. The Bulletin is indexed in Web of Science and GeoRef. All issues from volume 1 (1894) and onwards are available in electronic form.

Before 1970 the Bulletin’s primary name was Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening, and papers were mainly published in Danish – some with abstracts in English, French or German. Papers from before 1999 have been made available as pdf-files through a grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Ole Bennike
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Øster Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Mail: obe [a] geus [dot] dk

Assistant editors:
Lotte Melchior Larsen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
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Gunver Krarup Pedersen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Øster Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Mail: gkp [a] geus [dot] dk

  • feb2024
    Contents Schnetler, K.I., Madsen, H., Śliwińska, K.K., Heilmann-Clausen, C. & Ulleberg, K. 2024. A late Oligocene molluscan fauna and Oligocene coastal outcrops from Vilsund, NW Denmark. Kočí, T., Milàn, J., Jakobsen, S.L. & Bashforth, A.R. 2024. Serpula? alicecooperi sp. nov. – a new serpulid from the Lower Jurassic (Pliensbachian) Hasle…

  • jan2023
    Contents Schrøder, A.E. & Carnevale, G. 2023. The argentiniform Surlykus longigracilis gen. et sp. nov., the most abundant fish from the Eocene Fur Formation of Denmark. Humlum, O., Christiansen, H.H., Mortensen, L.E., Stuart, F.M. & Stone, J.O. 2023. Weichselian Glaciation of the Faroe Islands. Peel, J.S. 2023. A phosphatised fossil…

  • maj2022
    DGF bulletin volume 71 is a thematic volume dedicated to the results from the LOCRETA project (2017–2021) on aspects of some Lower Cretaceous chalk formations in the North Sea Basin. As for the ordinary DGF bulletin volumes, the articles will be published successively immediately after acceptance and technical production. Guest…

  • mar2022
    Contents Holm, T.B., Delsett, L.L. & Alsen, P. 2022. Vertebral size ratios and the ichthyosaurian vertebral column – a case study based on Late Jurassic fossils from North-East Greenland. Goñi, I & Cuny, G. 2022. New record of the genus Ptychodus Agassiz, 1834, (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) from the Upper Cretaceous of…

  • jan2021
    Contents Peel, J.S. 2021. Trilobite fauna of the Telt Bugt Formation (Cambrian Series 2–Miaolingian Series), western North Greenland (Laurentia). Schwarzhans, W., Milàn, J. & Carnevale, G. 2021. A tale from the middle Paleocene of Denmark: A tube-dwelling predator documented by the ichnofossil Lepidenteron mortenseni n. isp. and its predominant prey,…

  • jan2020
    Contents Peel, J.S. 2020. Middle Cambrian trilobites (Miaolingian, Ehmaniella Biozone) from the Telt Bugt Formation of Daugaard-Jensen Land, western North Greenland. Nyborg, E., Surlyk, F. & Thibault, N. 2020. Provenance of Medieval atlantes in the Ribe Cathedral, Denmark, based on geological and palaeontological investigations. Schultz, B.P., Vickers, M.L., Huggett, J.,…

  • feb2019
    Contents Gregersen, U., Knutz, P.C., Nøhr-Hansen, H., Sheldon, E. & Hopper, J.R. 27-02-2019. Tectonostratigraphy and evolution of the West Greenland continental margin. Schnetler, K.I. 28-02-2019. On the occurrence of Spinucella reimersi (von Koenen 1872) (Gastropoda: Muricidae) in the Late Miocene Gram Clay of Denmark, and an emended description of the species. Møller,…

  • feb2018
    Contents Schovsbo, N.H., Nielsen, A.T., Harstad, A.O. & Bruton, D.L. 02-02-2018. Stratigraphy and geochemical composition of the Cambrian Alum Shale Formation in the Porsgrunn core, Skien–Langesund district, southern Norway. Marzola, M., Mateus, O., Milàn, J. & Clemmensen, L.B. 03-03-2018. A review of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic tetrapods from Greenland. Cuny, G.…

  • feb2017
    Contents Adolfssen, J.S., Milàn, J. & Friedman, M. 02-15-2017. Review of the Danian vertebrate fauna of southern Scandinavia. Bennike, O., Pantmann, P. & Aarsleff, E. 05-04-2017. Holocene development of the Arresø area, north-east Sjælland, Denmark. Schnetler, K.I., & Milàn, J., 21-04-2017. A new Cenozoic record of spinilomatine aporrhaids (Stromboidea, Caenogastropoda)…

  • maj2016
    Continuous record of Holocene sea-level changes and coastal development of the Kattegat island Læsø (4900 years BP to present) Hansen, J.M., Aagaard, T., Stockmarr, J., Møller, I., Nielsen, L., Binderup, M., Larsen, J.H. & Larsen, B.2016-01-29. Continuous record of Holocene sea-level changes and coastal development of the Kattegat island Læsø…