NORDQUA excursion: The Quaternary and glacial geology of Denmark


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  • torsdag | 4. oktober 2018
    til søndag | 7. oktober 2018
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The next NORDQUA excursion will be October 5-7, 2018. It will take us through the glacial landscapes of Denmark where a selection of spectacular localities will be visited to demonstrate the glacial geomorphology and Late Quaternary stratigraphy. Excursion leaders are Nicolaj K. Larsen and Anders Schomacker.
Please, have a look at the attached first circular (also available on the NORDQUA website). Note that the registration deadline is June 8th. The number of available places is limited – so first come, first served.
Welcome to the NORDQUA excursion of 2018! The excursion takes you through the glacial landscapes of Denmark. We will visit a selection of spectacular localities to demonstrate the glacial geomorphology and Late Quaternary stratigraphy of Denmark. We start the excursion in eastern Denmark at the island of Møn to study large-scale glacial tectonics as well as outcrops demonstrating the Late Quaternary environmental history. We continue west towards the island of Langeland to visit the Ristinge Klint sections and the hummocky dead-ice landscapes of central Denmark. The latter half of the trip is dedicated to localities in Jutland, where we will visit the “Main Stationary Line”, i.e. the distalmost ice marginal position of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet in the Weichselian, as
well as other localities including Knud Strand where deposits from the last three glaciations (Elsterian, Saalien and Weichselian) and interglacials (Holsteinian, Eemian and Holocene) will be presented. The last day will focus on the outcrops at the island of Fur, where a sedimentary sequence of Eocene diatomite and tephra layers have been glaciotectonically deformed during the Quaternary glaciations. The Eocene deposits now constitute the “core” of the glacial landscapes in this region.
The last afternoon takes us through east Jutland and across Sjælland towards Copenhagen Airport.

Practical information

WHEN: October 5-7, 2018
WHERE: The excursion starts in Copenhagen Airport (CPH) on Friday, October 5 at 9 AM and ends at the same place on Sunday, October 7 at approximately 6 PM.
LOGISTICS: Participants arrange their own trip to and from CPH and will be picked up by bus in the airport and dropped off at the same place. The price includes bus and ferry transport, two overnight stays, and meals during the excursion. We also aim to include a social event during the trip.
PRICE: 4000 DKK. The price depends on the final number of participants and we reserve the right to minor price adjustments, or to cancel in case of too few participants.
REGISTRATION: The registration deadline is June 8. There is a limited number of places on the excursion so first come, first served. Following that, we will ask you to confirm your registration and pay the fee by late June. Please register by e-mail with your full name and contact info to BOTH Anders and Nicolaj (e-mail addresses below).
STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Graduate students (MSc, PhD) are strongly encouraged to participate in the excursion. The excursion leaders can provide students with a letter of confirmation, which students can bring back to their own universities in order to claim ECTS for participation in the excursion. The letter will include a description of the excursion route and themes.
EXCURSION LEADERS: Nicolaj K. Larsen (Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University & Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen) and Anders Schomacker (Department of Geosciences, UiT The Arctic University of Norway & Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen).
CONTACT: nkl [at] geo [dot] au [dot] dk or anders [dot] schomacker [at] uit [dot] no


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