Foredrag ved Karina Sand – Mineral formation at the Nanoscale


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Foredrag med titel ‘Mineral formation at the nanoscale’ af Karina Sand
The dynamics of mineral formation can be followed in real time with in-situ nanoscale techniques. I will be presenting a nanoscale view of the dynamics of mineral formation and on how organic molecules can impact the mineralizing controls and pathways. Interactions between organic molecules and mineral surfaces are vital for many forms of life and biomineralising organisms are superior in controlling mineral growth. The controls they use are deceptively simple (e.g. ions, polymers, electrons). Yet, we are far from having a similar control over mineralisation and far from creating as elaborate functions and morphologies. I will discuss how we can apply the current knowledge on polymer-mineral interactions for biomimetic approached to material design, CO2 storage and also how bacterial polymers could have impacted the formation of banded iron formations.
Finder sted kl. 16.00 i Auditorium A.


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