The Bulletin publishes contributions of international interest in all fields of geological sciences, with a natural emphasis on results of new work on material from Denmark, The Faroes and Greenland.

Contributions based on foreign material may also be submitted to the Bulletin if the subject is relevant for the geology of the area of primary interest.

The rate of publishing is one volume per year. All articles are published as pdf-files immediately after acceptance and technical production.

Scientific editing and reviewing are done on an unpaid collegial basis; technical production expenses are covered by the membership fees.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Chief editor

Lotte Melchior Larsen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Øster Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Mail: lml [a] geus [dot] dk

Before 1970 the Bulletin’s primary name was Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening and papers were mainly published in Danish – some with abstracts in English, French or German.

Papers from before 1999 have been made available as pdf-files through a grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

The Bulletin is indexed in:
Web of Science and GeoRef.

The Bulletin is Open Access and searchable PDF-files of
all papers  published from 1894 and onwards, are available for free download.


  • maj1967
    Content of Volume 17/1 HENDERSON, G. & PULVERTAFT, T. C. R. The stratigraphy and structure of the Precambrian rocks of the Umanak area, West Greenland s. 1 JENSEN, AAGE Opaque minerals in the heavy beach sand from Rågeleje, Denmark s. 21 RASMUSSEN, H. WIENBERG Undersøgelser og tolkninger af dislocerede issøbakker…

  • maj1965
    Content of Volume 16/1 BAADSGAARD, H. Geochronology s. 1 POULSEN, VALDEMAR An Early Ordoviclan Trilobite Fauna from Bornholm s. 49 Content of Volume 16/2 POULSEN, VALDEMAR Cambro-Silurian Stratigraphy of Bornholm s. 117 GRIPP, KARL Die Eisrandkerbe von Himmerland und der Abbau des würmzeitlichen Eises im Bereich des Limfjordes s. 138…

  • maj1962
    Content of Volume 15/1 SMED, PER Studier over den fynske øgruppes glaciale landskabsformer (English abstract) s. 1 HANSEN, KAJ The structure of the Salt Marsh Area at Ballum, SW. Jylland s. 75 MADSEN, F. JENSENIUS The systematic position of the Middle Cambrian fossil Eldonia s. 87 CHRISTENSEN, OLE BRUUN Ostracodtyper…

  • maj1958
    Content of volume 14/1 RASMUSSEN, L. BANKE Det marine ungtertiær ved Sæd (Zusammenfassung) s. 1 DAVIDSSON, JAN Sedimentpetrografiska undersökningar längs öresundskusten vid Råå (English abstract) s. 29 GARBOE, AXEL Malakologen (»Konchyliologen«) O. A. L. Mørch (1828-1878) (English abstract) s. 37 WEIDICK, ANKER Frontal Variations at Upernaviks Isstrøm in the last…

  • maj1955
    Content of Volume 13/1 GRAFF-PETERSEN, POUL Lillebæltler. En lermineralogisk undersøgelse s. 1 LARSEN, GUNNAR Nye boringer i Nexø-sandstenen ved Aakirkeby s. 15 SØRENSEN, HENNING Anorthosite from Buksefjorden; West Greenland s. 31 BONDAM, J. og R. BØGVAD The Geothermal Gradient at Ivigtut, South Greenland s. 42 MUNCK, SOLE Geologiske tildragelser i…

  • maj1951
    Content of Volume 12/1 HANSEN, KAJ Preliminary Report on the Sediments of the Danish Wadden Sea s. 1 RAMBERG, HANS Remarks on the Average Chemical Composition of Granulite Facies and Amphibolite-to-Epidote Amphibolite-Facies Gneisses in West Greenland s. 27 NOE-NYOAARD, ARNE Sub-Fossil Hekla Pumice from Denmark (Dansk resumé) s. 35 WIENBERG…

  • maj1946
    Content of Volume 11/1 RAMBERG, HANS Krystallplastisitet og litt om dens betydning for petografien s. 1 RAMBERG, HANS Kjemisk likevekt i gravltasjonsfeltet og dens betydning for jordskorpens differensiasjon. English summary s. 13 PAULY, HANS Mikroskopisk undersøgelse af nogle malmmineraler fra Grønland. (Med tavle I—III) s. 30 BØGVAD, RICHARD Om muligheden…

  • maj1941
    Content of Volume 10/1 ANDERSEN, S. A. Om Årsvarvene ved Ruds Vedby og nogle Bemærkninger om Årsvarvene i Danmark s. 1 HANSEN, KAJ Tektoniske Retningslinier på Sjælland s. 9 GRY, HELGE An Apparatus for Mechanical Micro-Analysis of Sand s. 17 Mindre Meddelelser NOE-NYGAARD, ARNE Olivine from an Icelandic Picrite-Basalt s.…

  • maj1936
    Content of Volume 9/1 NOE-NYGAARD, ARNE A preliminary report on the Palaeozoic Igneous rocks of Canning Land s. 1 WOLFF, WILHELM Eine Austernbank sowie eine Moor- und Süsswasserkalk-Ablagerung am Grande des kleinen Beltes bei Aarö. Mit einem Beitrag von TH. SCHMIERER s. 15 GRY, HELGE Om Nexøsandstenen og »Aakerformationen«. En…

  • maj1931
    Content of Volume 8/1 MILTHERS, V. Israndens Tilbagerykning fra Østjylland til Sjælland-Fyn, belyst ved Ledeblokke. Mit einer Zusammenfassung. Hertil et Kort og en Tabel s. 1 NIELSEN, K. BRÜNNICH Serpulidae from the Senonian and Danian Deposits of Denmark. With three plates (I—III) and two figures in the text s. 71…