The Bulletin publishes contributions of international interest in all fields of geological sciences, with a natural emphasis on results of new work on material from Denmark, The Faroes and Greenland.

Contributions based on foreign material may also be submitted to the Bulletin if the subject is relevant for the geology of the area of primary interest.

The rate of publishing is one volume per year. All articles are published as pdf-files immediately after acceptance and technical production.

Scientific editing and reviewing are done on an unpaid collegial basis; technical production expenses are covered by the membership fees.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Chief editor

Lotte Melchior Larsen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Øster Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Mail: lml [a] geus [dot] dk

Before 1970 the Bulletin’s primary name was Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening and papers were mainly published in Danish – some with abstracts in English, French or German.

Papers from before 1999 have been made available as pdf-files through a grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

The Bulletin is indexed in:
Web of Science and GeoRef.

The Bulletin is Open Access and searchable PDF-files of
all papers  published from 1894 and onwards, are available for free download.


  • maj1978
    Content of Volume 27/1-2 Brooks, C. K., Noe-Nygaard, A., Rex, D. C. and Rønsbo, J. G.: An occurence of ultrapotassic dikes in the neighbourhood of Holsteinsborg, West Greenland s. 1 Funder, S.: Glacial flutings in bedrock, an observation in East Greenland s. 9 Nielsen, N., and Nielsen, J.: Morphology and…

  • maj1977
    Content of Volume 26/1-2 Hansen, J. M.: Dinoflagellate stratigraphy and echinoid distribution in Upper Maastrichtian and Danian deposits from Denmark s. 1 Friedrich, W. L., Pichler, H. and Kussmaul,S.: Quaternary pyroclastics from Santorini/Greece and their significance for the Mediterranean palaeoclimate s. 27 Karup-Møller, S.: Mineralogy of some Ag-(Cu)-Pb-Bi sulphide associations…

  • maj1976
    Content of Volume 25/1-2 Clemmensen, L. B.: Tidally influenced deltaic sequences from the Kap Stewart Formation (Rhaetic-Liassic), Scoresby Land, East Greenland s. 1 Pedersen, S., Larsen, O., Hald, N., Campsie, J. and Bailey, J. C: Strontium isotope and lithophile element values from the submarine Jan Mayen province s. 15 Schønwandt,…

  • maj1975
    Content of Volume 24/1-2 Birkenmajer, K.: Caledonides of Svalbard and plate tectonics s. 1Kelly, M.: A note on the implications of two radiocarbon dated samples from Qaleragdlit imå, South Greenland s. 21Blaxland, A. B. and Parsons, I.: Age and origin of the Klokken gabbro-syenite intrusion, South Greenland: Rb-Sr study s.…

  • maj1974
    Content of Volume 23/1-2 CHRISTENSEN, WALTER KEGEL: Morphometric analysis of Actinocamax plenus from England s. 1 BERGSTRÖM, S. M. and NILSSON, R.: Age and correlation of theMiddle Ordovician bentonites on Bornholm s. 27 REX, D. C. and GLEDHILL, A.: Reconnaissance geochronology of the infractrustal rocks of Flyverfjord, Scoresby Sund, East…

  • maj1973
    Content of Volume 22/1 JOHNSON, L., CAMPSIE, J., RASMUSSEN, M., EGLOFF, J., DITTMER, F. & FREITAG, J.: A sedimentary basin in the northern Labrador Sea s. 1 JOHNSON, G. L., EGLOFF, J., CAMPSIE, J., RASMUSSEN, M., DITTMER, F. & FREITAG, J.: Sediment distribution and crustal structure of the southern Labrador…

  • maj1972
    Content of Volume 21/1 SPIRO, B. F. Diagenesis of some scleractinian corals from the Gulf of Elat, Israel s. 1 APPEL, P. U. An early Precambrian supposed conglomerate in the Fiskenæsset Area, West Greenland s. 11 NOE-NYGAARD, N. Spur Dog spines from prehistorie and early historic Denmark s. 18 BJERRESKOV,…

  • maj1970
    Content of Volume 20/1 SØRENSEN, H., LEONARDSEN, E. S. & PETERSEN, O. V. Trona and thermonatrite from the Ilimaussaq alkaline intrasion, South Greenland s. 1 PpVARENNYKH, A. S., PLATONOV, A. N. & BELICHENKO, V. P. On the colour of ussingite from the Ilimaussaq (South Greenland) and Lovozero (Kola Peninsula) alkaline…

  • maj1969
    Content of Volume 19/1 SØRENSEN, HENNING Dansk Geologisk Forening 1893-1968 s. 1 HALD, NIELS, NOE-NYGAARD, ARNE, and WAAGSTEIN, REGIN On extrusion forms in plateau basalts, The Klakksvik flow. Faeroe Islands s. 2 PAULY, HANS White cast iron with cohenite, schreibersite, and sulphides from Tertiary basalts on Disko, Greenland s. 8…

  • maj1968
    Content of Volume 18/1 ØDUM, HILMAR Flintkonglomeratet i Jylland, Tertiærformation og ledeblok s. 1 MADSEN, ERIK En arkæologisk-geologisk undersøgelse af klinten ved Ejby Bro, Isefjord s. 33 CHRISTENSEN, LEIF An Occurrence of Periglacial Structures at Langå, Jylland s. 46 BAHNSON, HENNER Kolorimetriske bestemmelser af humificeringstal i højmosetørv fra Fuglsø Mose…