The Bulletin publishes contributions of international interest in all fields of geological sciences, with a natural emphasis on results of new work on material from Denmark, The Faroes and Greenland.

Contributions based on foreign material may also be submitted to the Bulletin if the subject is relevant for the geology of the area of primary interest.

The rate of publishing is one volume per year. All articles are published as pdf-files immediately after acceptance and technical production.

Scientific editing and reviewing are done on an unpaid collegial basis; technical production expenses are covered by the membership fees.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Chief editor

Lotte Melchior Larsen
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Øster Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Mail: lml [a] geus [dot] dk

Before 1970 the Bulletin’s primary name was Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening and papers were mainly published in Danish – some with abstracts in English, French or German.

Papers from before 1999 have been made available as pdf-files through a grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

The Bulletin is indexed in:
Web of Science and GeoRef.

The Bulletin is Open Access and searchable PDF-files of
all papers  published from 1894 and onwards, are available for free download.


  • maj1988
    Content of Volume 36/1-2 Houmark-Nielsen, M.: Pleistocene stratigraphy and glacial history of the central part of Denmark s. 1-189 Content of Volume 36/3-4 Ulleberg, K.: Foraminiferal zonation of the Danish Oligocene sediments s.191 Olsen, H.: Coarsening upward sequences – the products of laterally established river subsystems, M. Devonian, Hornelen Basin,…

  • maj1986
    Content of Volume 35/1-2 Poulsen, N. E.: Callovian-Volgian dinocyst stratigraphy of the Central Trough in the Danish North Sea Area s. 1 Hesselbo, S. P.: Pseudoleucite from the Gardar of South Greenland s. 11 Larsen, P.-H.: Soft sediment deformation structures in Silurian turbidites from North Greenland s. 19 Wenk, E.…

  • maj1985
    Content of Volume 34/1-2 Sjørring, S.: INQVA and IGCP field meeting in Denmark 1981 s. 1Gravenor, C. P.: Glacial tectonic and flowstructures in glaciogenic deposits: a  cautionary note s. 3 Grube, F. and Vollmer, Th.: Der geologische Bau pleistozåner Inlandgletschersedimente Norddeutschlands s. 13 van Husen, D.: Preserved strata of synsedimentary…

  • maj1984
    Content of Volume 33/1-2 Birkelund, T, & Surlyk, F.: Cretaceous stage boundaries – Introduction s. 1 Birkelund, T., Hancock, J. M., Hart, M. B., Rawson, P. R, Remane, J., Robaszynski, E, Schmid, R, and Surlyk, F.: Cretaceous stage boundaries – Proposals s. 3 Ayyasami, K. and Banerji, R. K.: Cenomanian-Turonian…

  • maj1983
    Content of Volume 32/1-2 Bendix-Almgreen, S. E.: Carcharodon megalodon from the Upper Miocene of Denmark, with comments on elasmobranch tooth enameloid: coronoïn s.1 Christensen, W. K. and Hoch, E.: Actinocamax cf. manitobensis from the Kangerdlugssuaq area, southern East Greenland s. 33 Pedersen, G. K. and Surlyk, F.: The Fur Formation,…

  • maj1982
    Content of Volume 31/1-2 Jensen, Aa.: The distribution of Cu across three basaltic lava flows from the Faeroe Islands s. 1 Gregersen, S.: Earthquakes in Greenland. s.11 Feyling-Hansen, R. W.: Foraminiferal zonation of a boring in Quaternary deposits of the northern North Sea s. 29 Larsen, O.: The age of…

  • maj1981
    Content of Volume 30/1-2 Holm, L.: Heavy mineral distribution in Weichselian drift successions in eastern Denmark s. 1 Håkansson, E., Birkelund, T., Piasecki and Zakharov, V.: Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary strata of the extreme Arctic (Peary Land, North Greenland) s. 11 Jørgensen, K. A. and Brooks, C. K.: The Troodos ophiolite; petrology…

  • maj1980
    Content of Volume 29/1-2 Bailey, J. C: Formation of cryolite and other aluminofluorides: A petrologic review s. 1 Heilmann-Clausen, C: Paleocene plastic clay from the Vejle Fjord area s. 47 Piasecki, S.: Dinoflagellate cyst stratigraphy of the Miocene Hodde and Gram Formations, Denmark s. 53 Larsen, H. C: Geological perspectives of…

  • maj1979
    Content of Volume 28/1-2 Myers, J. S.: Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland: contact metamorphism and deformation on Mellemø s. 1 Gregersen, S.: Earthquakes in the Skagerrak recorded at small distances s. 5 Humlum, O.: Icing ridges: A sedimentary criterion for recognizing former occurrence of icings s. 11 Matthews, D. W.: A…

  • maj1978
    Content Preface K. Ellitsgaard-Rasmussen: Ved professor, dr. phil. Arne Noe-Nygaards 70-års fødselsdag s. 5 H. Pauly: Twins in cryolite types from Ivigtut, South Greenland s. 7 H. Sørensen: The position of the augite syenite and pulaskite in the Ilimaussaq intrusion, South Greenland s. 15 A. Berthelsen: The methodology of kineto-stratigraphy…