The Society administers Danmarks Geologipris (Danish Geology Prize) and has previously also awarded the Steno Medal.
The Steno Medal was instituted in 1969 to honour prominent non Danish geologists who have made significant contributions to Danish and Greenland geology. The medal is named after the famous Danish scientist Niels Steensen (Nicolaus Steno, 1638–1686) who was a pioneer in the the fields of crystallography and stratigraphy two fundamental disciplines in geology. The medal, done in gold by medallist of the Royal Danish Court, Harald Salomonsen, and kept at the Royal Danish Mint, is awarded every 4 or 5 years.

Since 1969 the Steno Medal has been awarded to:

2015: Janne Blichert-Toft, France (hightemperature geochemistry, igneous petrology, geochronology)
2009: Finn Surlyk, Denmark (sedimentology, palaeoecology, basin analysis in Greenland and Denmark)
1998: Katharina von Salis Perch Nielsen, Switzerland (micropalaeontology in Denmark and Greenland)
1993: John Callomon, Great Britain (fossils of the Jurassic, East Greenland)
1989: Victor R. McGregor, New Zealand//Greenland (Archaean basement geology in West Greenland)
1984: Jörn Thiede, Germany (oceanic sedimentation in the North Atlantic)
1979: Stephen Moorbath, Great Britain (isotope geology , Precambrian of West Greenland)
1974: John Haller, Schwitzerland (tectonics of the East Greenland Caledonides)
1969: Sigurdur Thorarinsson, Iceland (volcanology, tephrachonology)

The Danish Geology Prize is awarded each year by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland on
recommendation by the Geological Society of Denmark. The prize (DKK 25.000) is awarded to a person or a group of
persons who has published one or more articles or maps within the last 5 years which have given an exceptional
contribution to the understanding of the geology of Denmark or Greenland. The awardee must have been employed at a
Danish or Greenland insitution or company.

Danish Geology Prize:

2016 Birgitte Hansen (GEUS) for her hard work with the change of nitrate in soil, sediments and groundwater.
2015 Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen (GEUS) for his work with describing and understanding the miocene deposits in Denmark. These contain important layers of sand from where we collect our drinking water
2014 Kurt H. Kjær for his great work with mapping the greenlandic glaciers history
2013 Christian Tegner (Aarhus University) for his studies with magmatic rocks in the Skærgaard intrusion in East Greenland and other areas of the North Atlantic
2012 Adam Andreas Garde for the mapping of the gigantic meteorite crater at Maniitsoq, West Greenland
2011 Else Marie Friis & Kaj Raunsgaard Pedersen for their lifelong commitment to the study of angiosperm plant evolution.
2010 Troels F.D. Nielsen (GEUS) for his comprehensive and innovative contributions to the understanding of magmatic rocks in Greenland and their mineral content.
2009 Stig Schack Pedersen (GEUS) is lifelong work on especially the unravelling of the glaciotectonic complexities displayed in the Danish coastal cliff exposures.
2008 Minik Rosing (Geological Museum, Copenhagen) for fhis pioneer work on some of the oldest rocks on Earth found at Isua in Greenland.
2007 Michael Houmark Nielsen (University of Copenhagen) for mapping and creating a detailed understanding of the Quaternary of Denmark and the course of Ice Ages in northern Europe.
2006 Søren Bom Nielsen (University of Aarhus) for a paper on platewide stress relaxation explaining European Paleocene basin inversions.
2005 Lars Stemmerik (GEUS) for his studies on the geological evolution of Pangaea in the northern Atlantic.
2004 Asger Ken Pedersen (Geological Museum, Copenhagen), Lotte Melchior Larsen (GEUS) and Keld S. Dueholm (Technical University) for unravelling the geological history of the West Greenland Basalt Province.
2003 Jon Ineson (GEUS) and Finn Surlyk (University of Copenhagen) for their major effort as editors on the ”The
Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland’.
2002 Hans Christian Larsen, Danish Lithosphere Center
2001 Not awarded
2000 Niels Henriksen, GEUS
1999 Not awarded
1998 Peter Japsen, geophysicist, GEUS
1997 Karen Louise Knudsen, Århus University
1996 Ole Valdemar Vejbæk and Peter Britze, GEUS
1995 Nanna Noe Nyegaard, University of Copenhagen
1994 John A. Korstgård, docent, Århus University
1993 Asger Bertelsen, University of Copenhagen